Litter Box Covers for Your Cat

While a new kitten might at first take some time to get used to his litter box and litter box covers, he will start to get the hang of things, provided that he is properly trained. At first, it might not be comfortable for your feline friend to use his “bathroom” in private, and yet he is bound to get used to it. Try to observe your cat’s response to training in the covered litter box. If your cat is taking a while to understand that the new litter box is his new bathroom, then try to slowly move the new litter box with the cover towards the old one, then once the two litter boxes are next to each other, take out the old one the following day. This way, your cat will understand what is going on. Litter box covers are a good idea because they not only hide the appearance of poop from you, but also control the smell coming from the litter box.

Cat Furniture for Making Cats Happy

When it comes to cat furniture, you will be able to select from so many options, from cat trees to simple climbers to scratching posts to cat condos to tree mansions. In fact, you will be presented with so many options in just browsing a catalog online that you might find yourself confused about which cat furniture to get. When this happens, it is time to go back to your cat’s personality, and then figure out what your cat is likely to enjoy. Maybe your cat is fond of doing certain things, like climbing. If so, your best bet would be cat trees or tree mansions (although the cost for tree mansions does tend to run high, up to almost $2,000 with some varieties). Whatever you decide to get for your cat, without a doubt your cat will be left happy and pleased with the cat furniture you get him or her.