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Also, whereever we go she is the main topic of conversation. Everyone wants to know about her and where we got her. They love the color, the soft coat and the fact that she does not shed. We took her to a local Church a couple weeks back as they were having their annual Pet Blessing. A local news crew was there and she ending up on the local nightly news getting her blessing. Thanks for the Great addition to our family. We could not be happier with our puppy. " "We absolutely love and adore him!Otis has a lot of energy, all the time. He loves being outdoors and has a very adventurous spirit. He has trained pretty well sit, paw, lay came very easily. We're still working on "come" when we are outside.

Her limping stopped and then I noticed that her skin issues itchy paws from August until we had a good freeze cleared up.

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They have long legs compared to their body size, which makes them tall for their weight.

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Our puppies are priced at £1450, whilst slightly higher than most we feel the price reflects the quality of our puppies, the extensive health testing carried out on mum and dad, and the effort we are putting in to raising them. More…

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Upright shoulders is a fault. More…